Upcoming performances:
Upcoming performances:
April 29, 2022
Blakbar, Edmonton, AB

May 6, 2022
The Owl Acoustic Lounge, Lethbridge, AB

June 4, 2022 (4pm)
Rio Terrace Park, Edmonton, AB

July 16, 2022
Stronghold Brewing (South Country Fair Outreach event), Fort Macleod, AB

July 17, 2022
South Country Fair music festival (East Stage), Fort Macleod, AB

August 27, 2022 (afternoon)
Arts in the Park music festival, Legacy Park Amphitheatre, Lethbridge, AB

August 27, 2022 (evening)
The Slice, Lethbridge AB

September 9, 2022
Canadian Country Music Association's Off-Country showcase, Calgary AB

October 8, 2022
full band, with I Am the Mountain, The Owl, Lethbridge, AB

December 4, 2022
Host open stage, Sea Change Brewing Company, Beaumont, AB

January 28th, 2023
full band, The Owl, Lethbridge, AB

February 25th, 2023
Blakbar on Whyte, Edmonton, AB

March 12th, 2023
On the Rocks, Edmonton, AB (with Spenny and the Jets)

July 22, 2023
Zoobrew, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Edmonton Alberta

August 19, 2023
Zoobrew, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Edmonton Alberta